Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's gonna have sense soon...

Hmmmmm It's already been a month since I last posted, I mean, since the last post here in my blog (thanks Les! I miss you)..Anyway, as my job goes, I'm gonna tag my blog as B3 (no violent reactions from content group, pleeeease), meaning, it's a personal blog (don't ask how and why) lol

Starting today, I'm gonna try to post all about NJ, me and the white guy who forced me to say "i do" (just kidding) and maybe more than about it (hopefully)..well, you will all (my readers, if there's any) know is just something that I'm looking forward to..The Lord has been blessing me with so much trials and all, I just felt so excited (hope you're getting sense out of what I'm saying)..there had been nay sayers that what I'm looking forward to is impossible, somehow shaken my faith, but nothing is impossible with the Lord..I changed the title of my blog for the third time, to peephole because I'm allowing everyone to take a peek of my whereabouts (soon)..hopefully, in the very very near future, il be inviting more people in my blogroll and not being selfish of just sharing my blog with and for myself..

This is just a heads up for everybody of what's ahead of me. I'm expecting I'm gonna say bye-bye on my next post and a hi to my new life..sorry, just read guys, you'll soon get what I mean..confused still? I know, I'm getting senseless, it's ok, this is B3 anyways..


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Is my friend getting married? Wow! Dont forget my invites ha! I miss you all! Take care! God bless!

kegler747 said...

best wishes in advance to you! :)

Houki Boshi said...